We had another bargaining session yesterday and in addition to progress on our contract, we also spent some time to meet with some of the management team to discuss the health and safety issues our members raised. Once our contract is ratified, we will have a health and safety committee where these concerns and raised and resolved. In the meantime, please find the topics we covered. Let us know if we’ve missed anything or if you have any ideas for improving the safety of the workplace during this pandemic. 

Partnership Solutions

  • Concentra (workers comp clinic) bulk testing for Food Bankers
  • DSW numbers for SF County and Marin County 
  • Hire temporary nurse to monitor temperature (with temperature wands) of people entering building and health reporting
  • Contract overnight deep cleaning crew in case of positive cases

Policy Solutions

  • Test on paid time
  • Encourage testing regimen to test once per week or as determined by employee
  • Encourage hand washing breaks

Facility Modifications

  • Plexi-Glass for: Shop, Reception, Receiving Desk, Operations Office, Cubicles
  • Secure automated rolling doors to disallow outside people from entering building
  • Keyless entry for drivers
  • Box of gloves next to bathroom door
  • Air movement/filtration

PPE Improvements

  • PPE Enforcement (gloves, sanitizer, masks, handwashing)
  • Face shields for: Shop floor staff, Drivers, PES Enrollment Team, Popup staff, Reception, Receiving, anyone who encounters outside personnel

Technology Improvements

  • Enhanced messaging and automated reporting of COVID19 Symptoms
  • Ensure that email and other responses to COVID19 symptoms are being monitored
  • All points of entry monitoring
    • Automated temperature cameras at building entrances to alert managers and on-site staff of persons entering building with fever
    • Remote Access Monitoring and Remote Access entry (i.e. Nest/Ring cameras)