We hope 2021 is treating you better than 2020. Your stewards and Union staff have been working hard since the contract was ratified in September 2020, and we wanted to give you some information that might be useful to you as a new Union member. If there are other things you’d like to know more about, please send us an email at stewards@sfmfoodbankunion.org!

In this post we are highlighting Member Benefits and the disciplinary process.

Benefits for Union Members

Members who are in good standing (have been paying their dues) are eligible for many benefits through Union Plus, including:

The Disciplinary Process

Unionized workers are no longer at-will employees, and therefore cannot be fired without just cause. We have established a disciplinary process in our contract to protect our members. A basic part of this process is Weingarten rights. Weingarten Rights guarantee that Union members have the right to Union representation during any meeting that may result in disciplinary action. When you are asked by HR or your supervisor to attend a meeting that may result in disciplinary action, you must clearly state the following:

“If this meeting is an investigation that could in any way lead to discipline or termination, I request that my steward or Union representative be present before continuing.”

It is your right to have a Union steward present at these meetings. HR is required to delay or reschedule the meeting so that a steward can be there.  

What happens after you state your Weingarten rights:

  1. Immediately call/text our OPEIU Representatives
    • A steward will be assigned to attend the meeting with you. If a steward is not available, Nat or Luke will attend.
  2. Your assigned steward will work with HR to schedule the meeting
  3. Your steward will reach out to talk to you BEFORE your meeting
  4. You and your steward will attend the HR meeting 
    • Your steward will take notes and ask questions during the meeting. You should truthfully answer questions but speak as little as possible.
  5. After the meeting, your assigned steward will follow-up with you and our OPEIU Reps
    • Your assigned steward and OPEIU Reps will discuss your situation and work with you to decide the best course of action
  6. If appropriate, a grievance may be filed on your behalf
    • Once a grievance is filed, Nat or Luke will be your main point of contact

Not sure what to do? Call or email the stewards. We’re here to help.

In solidarity,

Carol, Elmer, Emily, Katie, Lety, Marchon, Abel, Celia, Edwin, and Elias