Hi food Bankers!

Shop stewards are the backbone of successful union. They are leaders that volunteer their time to be your union representative. Shop stewards may represent food bankers in meetings with management, they help mobilize food bankers to take action, they welcome new employees, and they enforce workers rights at the Food Bank.

Your shop stewards are: 

  • Katie Boynton
  • Carol Chen
  • Emily Citraro
  • Elmer Hidalgo
  • Lety Sanchez
  • Marchon Tatmon

It’s not possible to have a shop steward for every single team because there are over 12 teams at the food bank. Nevertheless, your shop stewards will represent all food bankers.

In the next coming weeks, shop stewards will receive training. They will learn how to best enforce your union contract and protect your rights at the food bank. In the meantime, if you have a workplace concern please contact your Director of Representation, Nat Naylor at naylor@opeiu29.org