In the October 7th issue, you can read our story. Big thanks to the reporter Janelle Bitker who did a tremendous job objectively capturing and retelling this important story! (SF Chroncile Link) (Archive Link)

S.F.-Marin Food Bank ratifies union contract after yearlong battle where workers alleged institutional racism

The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, one of the Bay Area’s most prominent hunger relief nonprofits, was thrust into the spotlight this year, as long lines formed at food pantries and the need for food swelled. But behind the scenes, there’s been a yearlong battle going on after workers voted to unionize — something they finalized just recently. After simmering discontent about institutional racism and lack of worker protections, the food bank and its staff have agreed on a new contract.

Bitker, Janelle. SF Chronicle. 2020 October 7.