The bargaining team was negotiating with SLT again yesterday, and we have some updates for you about health and safety. SLT thanked all of you for sharing ideas about safety protocols and looking out for yourselves and your coworkers. Congratulations! This is the power of unions – with a unified voice, we can affect the health protocols of the workplace and ensure we are protected from COVID19!

Announcement: SFMFB has plastic face shields available for workers who are at risk of exposure due to their work. These face shields are available NOW, so let your supervisor know if you want one! If your supervisor doesn’t know where to get the face shields, they should ask Michael Wirkkala.

These are the strategies SFMFB is developing to further address safety concerns:

  • SFMFB will be hiring a Health and Safety Officer to ensure that safety protocols are being followed on site. You can check out the job description to learn more about what the Health and Safety Officer’s responsibilities will be.
  • SFMFB will be installing portable restrooms outside, so that non-SFMFB drivers can use the restroom without coming into the warehouse.
  • SLT is working on three different testing strategies:
    • Paying for employees to get tested at the Concentra clinic if they’re exposed to COVID-19 at work
    • Getting a mobile testing site to come onsite regularly to test workers
    • Getting a Disaster Service Worker code for SFMFB workers so they can have priority for testing through the city of San Francisco