We sent this letter to every food banker as well the board of directors. It’s reproduced here for the public.

Dear Mr. Ash,

Please find the attached letter of support from Supervisor Shamann Walton of District 10. He has found the time to support us in our efforts and recognizes the importance of our work. As stated in his letter you have said that you respect the will of employees to unionize. On October 3 your email to all staff stated, “we certainly aren’t anti-union…” If your statement reflects your beliefs, your actions have not shown us the same respect.

This past week, as we’ve done for years, we poured out our hearts in meetings with you, yet you still couldn’t apologize in person. These issues were created under your leadership and they persist today. Under your leadership there are DEI issues, favoritism, lack of respect, we are underpaid, and there is a lack of investment in our community. Yet, there is money to hire Jackson Lewis, one of the most expensive anti-union law firms.

We have brought our issues to the SLT through the channels available to us. We have learned that some current and former directors raised many of these issues in the past. Unfortunately, the SLT chose not to act on those recommendations. It saddens us that the SLT has deviated from the core values of the Food Bank. That’s why we are organizing to better the Food Bank and lift the voices of all who believe in the mission and vision we share.

We have a message that must be heard; our voices are united. We are giving you the opportunity to reflect and change course. In tonight’s email, you acknowledged and recognized that issues exist, but your proposal is inadequate. Tonight, it’s time for you to do the right thing. Allow us to have a fair election without intimidation. We are offended by the poor judgment and waste of resources shown by hiring a costly law firm to intimidate us.

Jackson Lewis has a reputation for engaging in aggressive attacks on workers, immigrants and other vulnerable communities. If you, your leadership team, and the board choose this path, it will do irreparable harm to the reputation of the Food Bank, our colleagues, and the community we serve. This will be your legacy.


SFMFB Union Organizing Committee