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What is a Shop Steward?

A Shop Steward is a Union leader and they represent Food Bankers in the workplace. In the same way that your supervisor is the San Francisco Marin Food Bank, your stewards are the Union. A shop steward is an organizer, educator, a sounding board, a communicator, and defender of your rights in the workplace.

Who Are Your Stewards?

Emily Citraro

Emily Citraro

Senior Allocation Coordinator

Emily is a 19-year employee of the Food Bank. Emily started as a Holiday Temp in Development, in October 2001. Emily‘s background is in fine art, with a Master’s degree in Painting and over 20 years of experience teaching at the college level. Emily still maintains a painting studio in San Francisco and enjoys cooking vegan foods and photography. Emily is excited to support her colleagues as a Shop Steward and strives to improve equity, fairness, and transparency in day-to-day operations at the Food Bank.

Elias Soto

Elias Soto

Intake & Enrollment Program Associate


Leticia Sanchez

Leticia Sanchez

Senior Program Coordinator


Marchon Tatmon

Marchon Tatmon

Government Affairs Manager

Marchon Tatmon is the Food Bank’s Government Affairs Manager. For almost 20 years, Marchon has worked to lift up the community in numerous volunteer roles and in different professional capacities in the private and non-profit sectors. While working at Building Futures in the East Bay and spearheading the homeless housing resource center in Alameda, he was the manager of the emergency winter warming shelter, providing over 1,000 beds to those in need. He currently also serves as a commissioner on the City of Oakland’s Budget Commission. Marchon holds a BA in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration and ran for public office twice – Mayor of Oakland and Oakland City Council D7. Marchon values great character, equity, fairness, equality, and opportunity.

When Should You Contact a Steward?

At a minimum, your Steward can listen to your workplace issues. At best, a steward protects your job by making sure you are being treated fairly. If you have question about your contract or your rights at The San Francisco Marin Food Bank you can contact your steward. Also, a Steward can be a witness and an advocate. For example, if you are being called into a disciplinary meeting you can ask that your union representative be present to take notes notes and defend your rights. Furthermore, if you feel you are being discriminated against or being treated unfairly, you should let your Steward know right away, so that they can use the full weight of the union and it’s resources to remedy the situation.

How Do Stewards Do their Job?

Keep in mind that Stewards are volunteers – they are not paid to defend your rights. However, stewards are excited to be leaders and your defenders. Stewards:

  • They read and understand your labor contract
  • Attend meeting to coordinate, strategize, and make decisions to improve your workplace

  • Communicate union updates and information

  • Listen to what members have to say and followup on issues

  • Represent members fairly when issues arise with management

Contact Your Shop Stewards

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